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Client Testimonials

I am a self-professed massage junkie—I've had hundreds of massages from dozens of therapists and Gail offers everything I want from massage therapy. She is always interested in what is happening in my life and in my body and focuses her massage to meet my needs. I think what really makes Gail stand out is that she combines massage and stretching so I feel that I get much more lasting benefit than from massage alone. Her 90-minute hot stone massage is incredible! Gail has a lovely story of connecting with the rocks as she was choosing them and I felt an amazing energy from them, too. Gail offers a very special service—be ready for bliss! — S.C, Asheville, NC

My back has given me years and years of pain and discomfort from too much work and stress. After one much-needed session with Gail, I could immediately hear my back saying "Aaaaahhhh… why have you waited so long to do this to me?" Gail receives quite a workout as she massages each muscle group in my back needing special attention. She combines her intensive training with personal care and interest. She is sensitive to my needs and incorporates the right amount of pressure to achieve maximum results. Her compassion complements her powerful hands. — J.S., Raleigh, NC

I've been going to Gail for a little over a year and have had more success in battling back pain with her than through other forms of physical therapy I have tried. Having a spinal injury, I was hesitant to get on anyone's table, but have had full confidence in Gail from the start and feel completely safe in her hands. She combines a range of techniques to find what works for me and creates a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere to be in through her pleasant space and warm spirit. I have given sessions with Gail as presents for family and often recommend her to friends. Each agrees that she is a gift! — Anonymous, Asheville, NC

I have been a client of Gail's for 5+ years, and she is extraordinary! I appreciate her warmth, professionalism, care, and skill. I have recommended her to many friends, and everyone agrees: Gail is truly gifted. She has considered every detail, from the soothing music, homemade oils, warmed blankets, to the relaxing colors in her studio. She is proficient in many types of massage and has been integral in my recover from shoulder surgery. Thank you, Gail! See you Friday! — B.P., Asheville, NC

Gail Forsyth is the most effective and intuitive massage therapist that I have ever received a massage from, and that is more than just a few. Her ability to approach my body energetically as well as physically is a truly amazing. As well, her variety of approaches allows for a deep yet awakening visit every time. Though her rate is very reasonable, each time I receive a massage from her, I understand that she is worth much more than she asks for her services. Don't miss the opportunity to make an appointment with Gail. She is a wonderful person and true professional. — J.W., Asheville, NC

I go to Gail roughly every two weeks and she is great. I have never met a massage therapist so passionate about their work and so amazingly personable. I have sent my friends to her as well and they loved it A++. Her rates are reasonable and the service is phenomenal. If you are in need of a good massage, look no further! — D.B., Asheville, NC

I began receiving massage about fifteen years ago. Over the fifteen-year period I have enjoyed massage from many different therapists. All were good; Gail is the best. She combines knowledge, skill and a sincere interest in her clients in a way that I have never experienced. Gail combines strength and gentleness to give me a sense of well-being that I appreciate. — R.G., Asheville, NC

I look forward so much to every massage from Gail. During the time between massages, I count the days. The day before, I count the hours! Since I do my own yardwork and other labor-intensive household chores, I often have lots of tight, sore muscles. However, I don't worry one bit about my aches and pains, because I know that Gail's magic, soothing hands will loosen up the tightest knots. She uses the perfect amount of pressure when and where it is needed, and allows me to experience total relaxation. She creates the perfect ambiance with her own beautiful aura, soothing music and a peaceful setting. Gail is the personification of what a superb massage therapist should be. — S.M., Arden, NC



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Biscuit reports that after a hot stone massage with Gail, he slept for 23 solid hours and generated a drool pool that could float an armada. For a similar good night's sleep, please call or e-mail for an appointment.

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